Are You Cloud Secure?

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Plan, build and run cyber security solutions to protect your cloud-enabled business.

Being cloud-enabled shouldn’t mean being cloud exposed.

While moving to the cloud promises potential speed, scale and savings, it can also expose your business to risk. When it comes to doing business in the cloud, what you don’t know can hurt you, including:

  • How do you know what security your cloud services provide and which you need?
  • What is your security baseline, including industry standards and compliance requirements?
  • How will you protect data in motion and in the cloud?
  • How will you assess security for existing and new cloud providers?
  • How do you know which cloud applications are really in use in your organization?
  • How will identity and access be managed across your cloud services for employees, partners, vendors and customers?
  • How will you ensure adequate disaster recovery and incident response for business processes in the cloud?
  • How will you ensure ongoing training on the security practices of your cloud providers?
Making the most of the promise of cloud requires that you develop a comprehensive approach to cloud security.

Learn how Optiv can help you secure your business and balance the risks with the rewards of moving into the cloud.